Frequently Asked Questions

What is Charitable Rust?

Charitable Rust is an annual charity event hosted by Rustafied and the Rust community. The Rustafied Community Team works all year long to build out special games just for Charitable Rust. The goal is to raise funds for a charity through having fun while streaming!

How does a charity get chosen for Charitable Rust?

There are multiple factors that go into choosing a charity each year. We refrain from any political/religious charities. We also do a transparency check and financial review of the chosen charity.

Who are you supporting this year?

The chosen charity this year is Pencils of Promise.

So, when is the event again?

This year we're doing it a bit different! Instead of a 12 hour stream by Rustafied with Special Guests, it will be a week long event where the Rustafied team will do a kick-off & closing event. There will be a posted schedule of the streamers who will be participating in Charitable Rust. The event will kick off on Thu Nov 14 2019, beginning at TBA EST and close on Thu Nov 21st at TBA EST.

What types of events/games will be on the Charitable Rust server?

We like to keep this as a surprise. There will be some events that will be showcased in an upcoming trailer video. To see all the different types of events/games we’ll have, you will need to join the Charitable Rust server during the event or stay tuned to the Charitable Rust Twitch stream schedule.

How do I get on this server?

During the week of Charitable Rust, connect to the Charitable Rust server on the official list. Note that once the event is over, the Charitable Rust servers will no longer be available.

Does my Rustafied VIP allow me access on this server?

No it doesn’t. There will be special event servers solely for Charitable Rust.

What kind of prize(s) can I donate?

Thanks for thinking of us! We are not taking any prize donations this year.

Aren't you just going to take all the money for yourselves?

No. Every cent will go to the charity and all funds go through Tiltify.

How can we be sure?

We actually don't handle the donations that come in. All donations are managed by Tiltify which goes directly to the charity. All proceeds raised through Charitable Rust goes directly to the charity.

Which guests are going to be there?

Once we have confirmation, we will begin updating the Charitable Rust website. We'll have a schedule posted of all participating streamers closer to the event.

When is [Special Guest] going to be streaming?

We will have an update schedule posted of Streamers as they go live at

I can't donate, but I'd like to help. How can I?

We're always looking for testers to help test our events. If you're interested, sign up here:

When is whip?

Does not apply to this server. Come back next Thursday.

When does the Art Contest get judged?

The Art Contest will be featured towards the end of Charitable Rust where judges will pick out the final contestants. The public will be allowed to vote on the winner. Further details to come.

How do I sign up for the Art Contest?

You just have to go on the Charitable Rust server and start drawing on an empty canvas. Remember to write your username and to lock your signs!

What are the prizes for Art Contest?

First Place - 6 months of Rustafied Platinum VIP

Second Place - 3 months of Rustafied Platinum VIP

Third Place - 1 month of Rustafied Platinum VIP

Will there be prizes for participating in Charitable Rust?

True to previous years, we’ll be giving away prizes during our stream through a raffle in chat. When our Twitch stream goes live for Charitable Rust, just make sure you’re in the Twitch chat & follow the instructions to participate.

How do I collect the prize I just won from the raffle?

We will whisper you via Twitch with instructions so be on the lookout for a message from RaffleBot.

How do I get out of a maze?

Unfortunately F1 kill in console is the only way besides finding the exit.

I’m stuck!! I need an admin!!

Admins are focused on running events and cannot assist with any glitches/bugs. You will have to F1 kill in console to resolve your issue.


How do I participate as a Special Guest? / I'd like to stream/be a featured guest!

At this time, Special Guests are invite only. However, we welcome every streamer or content creator who wishes to participate to use the Charitable Rust overlay to partake in the fundraising during the week of Charitable!

Where do I download the stream overlay?

The Charitable Rust stream overlay will be released for all to download closer to the event.

How long do I have to stream for?

The minimum amount of time we ask for is at least 3 hours. If you can do more, go for it!

What are the benefits of being a Special Guest?

You get to raise funds for a great cause and be a part of an amazing Rust community event.