Update: 2/4/2019:



Survival gaming gives back

A 12 hour streaming event, raising funds for charity



The landscape of Rust is harsh and brutal. Although it is fun to play in brutal virtual environments, harshness in real life is no game. Help us improve the lives of people through the power of playing Rust.


100% of proceeds from last year went to:


Previous Year Achievements 🎉

Charitable Rust 2017 Results
$53,659.81 raised for Direct Relief

Charitable Rust 2016 Results
$17,338 raised for Doctors Without Borders

Charitable Rust 2015 Results
$3,231 raised for Child's Play


Streamer Kit

We’ve created a Streamer Kit (with Twitch overlay & donation button) for those interested in streaming the event from the Charitable Rust servers. Have fun! 💖

& don’t forget to join our Charitable Rust Discord!